Hi, I wanted to share this with all our readers.

Just the other day, I looked up a friends business to locate her business phone number to give her a call. When I pulled up her business website, a message popped up saying – We Are No Longer In Business – Thank You For Your Patronage. I was deeply saddened to hear this news but even more so when I found out my friend had poured every penny she had into this business.Her business stayed open for just over 1 year.

And we all know that this is a very regular occurrence – businesses closing within a year or two of being opened.

So I wanted to share with you my latest guide that I have just published. It’s titled – Your Business Reputation Will Either Make Or Break You (Here’s where you can get it – http://bit.ly/2d8czGF (No email optin etc). You see, our reputation is everything these days- it’s an indication of our trust, our credibility and even our likability. And when it comes to selling our services – these 3 factors (Credibility, Trust & Likability) are what determines whether a prospective client chooses you or someone else to do business with! It’s as simple as that!

So have a read through my guide and take what you can from – it might just save your business! – You can download your own copy here –http://bit.ly/2d8czGF (There’s no opt-in whatsoever required)

I hope you find this ebook of some value and if so feel free to share it with our local business owners that you know would benefit from having it!

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John McKenna, MBA


About John McKenna, MBA

John McKenna, MBA – Business Consistency Strategist and renowned “Business Reputation” Expert. John has a natural gift for helping business owners and service professionals incorporate time-tested, proven systems, strategies and tools to get more customers/clients (consistently) and grow their business. For 20 years now, he has helped companies (from large corporations to small local businesses to independent contractors) come from the depths of debt to become thriving profitable businesses. Mc Kenna is the founder of Apex Business Success – a division of the McKenna Consulting Group – a full service marketing & advertising firm which specializes in helping small businesses & service professionals implement the Business Blueprint Marketing System into their business. He is also the creator of Reputation Boost – a platform and service designed to effectively & quickly build, protect & market a 5-Star business reputation.