And Finally…..The Icing On The Cake!
Supercharge Your Marketing With Review Branding Video Commercials

Your Online Business Reputation…
Is The New “Word of Mouth” Marketing

Just Look At These Facts… About Referrals

Did you know that even after you get a “word of mouth” referral, 87% of those referrals, will still go online to check out your reviews?

52% look for YOUR online reviews and ratings

35% look for YOUR website and contact information

13% look up YOUR “social media” (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)

As powerful as written reviews are, video is the communication tool that shoppers prefer.


Reputation Review Videos take your 5 -star review and present it with the power of video in a way that is professional and market-building.

Here’s Why “Reputation Review Videos” Are So Powerful For Business:

You get a professional spokes model representing your company

We shoot in a Hollywood style studio

We professionally edit and brand each video to position you as a market leader

We promote your reputation by highlighting a 5 star review you’ve received

We create an on-location view of someone reading your 5 star review

We include a “Call to Action” (Call Today, Act Now, Get Your Free Report etc.)

We Optimize and Syndicate Your Video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc.

Your heading textYour Company Name and City are “Optimized” for Google and Other Search Engines

We Guarantee the Best Value For Any Businesses Marketing Dollar!



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